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Types of Freelance Developer Skills that Every Employer Looks Out For

Freelance developers skills
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In the past, freelancing was associated with unemployment. The majority of the unemployed ended up being freelancers as a way of getting an income. In today’s world, most of the employed persons are turning into freelancing due to its flexibility. On the other hand, most companies are hiring on contract terms and abandoning the conventional working procedures.

Managers are now hiring skilled workers from online platforms such as 24task. They are looking for freelance developers’ skills that are vital for the growth of the company. It helps meet the gaps brought about by the traditional employment procedure.

Benefits of Freelancing

  • Freedom of Time

Freelancers have the freedom to manage their time. Different from employed staff, freelancers can create their working schedule. They are not limited to the regular working hours and therefore can start working any time. It increases productivity.

  • Enhances the Level of Experience

As a freelancer, you will be working for different people performing different activities. This action will help increase the level of experience and learn new things by taking on new challenges. Companies assign employees specific tasks making it monotonous when one works on one thing for a very long time.

  •  It Is Cheaper

Freelancers don’t need to hire any office or working space since they can work from home. It saves them considerable costs in terms of traveling and renting. It also helps in saving time wasted while moving to the office due to traffic.

There are several freelance developer skills that one requires to have to compete in the freelancing arena. The article below elaborates on some of the top ten developer skill set that can allow you to compete fairly in freelancing.

Top 10 Freelance Developer Skills

  1. Web Design

With the increased use of the internet, most companies and businesses are trying to find space on the internet. These companies do it by creating the company’s web page. With the website, the company can easily display its portfolio to the public without much hustle. It has created an increased demand for web developers.

Web developers must now have the required knowledge on the latest web designing programs to create high performing websites. They must also have dev skills such as design skills, topography skills, composition, color theory, knowledge of content management systems, and best user experience practices.

The technical developer skills mentioned above allows one to create top-notch websites that companies want to enhance their business.

  1. Hypertext Mark-up Language

It is the most common language used to assemble websites. All web developers must know how to write HTML. HTML allows developers to understand the operation of any website fully. It provides one with more control over the work, and one can work behind the editor’s line.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is among the top developer skill sets that each developer must-have. It is the main interactive content of the website. JavaScript makes it easy for you as a freelancer to learn other web languages. Understanding how it works together with HTML and CSS is an added advantage. Understanding JavaScript puts you at the top level of the demand list since it forms the fundamental part of most web applications.

  1. CSS

CSS is the main content that handles the visual appearance of a website. It is among the top vital dev skills that developers and front end engineers need to have. It is not as important to back end engineers. Developers use CSS to set rules such as the font size, insert background images, and position elements on the web page.

It also has several themes which one can purchase and modify to suit the needs of the employer.

  1. PHP

There are many languages used in the development of websites. Among those, PHP is becoming much more popular in developing websites. One can easily combine it with HTML when doing any web development project. It is simpler to use since it generates an HTML after executing a code by the main server.

Using PHP, one can easily:

  • Develop, test, and execute new website software more efficiently while working with other professionals
  • Identify and correct issues of compatibility when using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 
  • Perform test functions on different browsers and gadgets.
  • Transfer and receive information to and from other development teams and help in conflict resolution.
  1. Strategic Thinking

It is a must-have skill for every developer. For a project to be successful, the ability to think critically and logically is vital. This skill is gained by working on different projects hence giving you more knowledge on tackling new challenges. One must think out of the normal conditions and develop creative ideas on how to complete a specific task. It helps one to execute technical developer skills together with logical skills properly.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an essential aspect for developers. It involves various elements for a new webpage to appear on the top of the ranking index. As a developer, it is vital to understand the multiple features that make up a webpage to influence its position. It is not a must skill to have as a developer but is of high importance if you want to increase managers’ chances of hiring you to work for a particular project.

  1. Marketing Skills

Having this skill along with the technical developer skills is an added advantage. The reason why most companies develop websites is to market their services. Having marketing skills can enable one to understand how to create a website to boost its marketing ability. It is not necessary, but most employers look for these skills when hiring developers.

  1. Portable Support

Due to the advancement in technology, there are more devices used to access the internet. It means that one must have the required skill to create portable websites compatible with all types of gadgets.  

  1. Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important skill, just like all other freelance developer skills. To complete a particular project, one must set goals to achieve at the end of each development stage. This action guides one in creating an outstanding website that managers want for their company.

Next Step to Take

The above-mentioned dev skills are essential for every freelance developer and also having a definitive strategy as a freelance developer helps you get more success. The use of the internet makes it easy for hiring managers to search for developers online. 24task is among the best websites known to have qualified personnel with the required developer skillset. To increase chances to get clients to create an account at 24task and start your freelancing journey. 

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