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How to kick start your freelance interior designing career?

Freelance interior designing
Written by Mallikarjuna
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Do you enjoy working with the physical environment to enhance its aesthetics? Or do you feel you have a knack for design and have a keen eye for detail? If such is the case, you might be on the path of becoming a successful freelance interior designer. 

With each passing day, many people are seen starting their careers as interior designers. Thus, it becomes crucial to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Freelancing gives you the ultimate opportunity to become a successful interior designer only when people know about your business. A freelance interior designing business is the best option for an individual with an innovative mind. 

However, let’s admit it! Getting started with your own freelance interior designing business is quite a daunting task. That’s why we are here to give you the right push to get the ball rolling. With these 8 tips on starting your interior designing career, you’ll function in no time. 

Top 8 Tips to Start Your Freelance Interior Designing Career

  1. Create an Awe-inspiring Website

Being an interior designer, making places beautiful and attractive is a cakewalk for you. But when you start an interior designing job, it’s vital to have a website that suits your career. You must know how to market yourself online. From your social handles to your website, maintaining a firm, consistent brand image is essential while approaching target clients. However, while designing a website, you need to keep specific points in mind:

  • Who are your potential clients?

Social networking platforms such as Facebook give you the option of posting boosted ads that are more likely to surface in people’s walls. Apart from this, you benefit from selecting your potential demographic based on location, gender, age, and various other factors that help you analyze who is viewing your post.

  • Is your website search-engine friendly?

SEO helps ensure that your target audiences find you online. For instance, if you offer freelance interior designing services, you’ll prefer that your website appears on top in the search engine when people are looking for freelance interior designers or other related services.  

  • Is your website easy to use?

In case you do not want to hire a web designer, various web hosting sites make it simpler for people with no web designing experience to create their website. However, ensure highlighting the relevant information on your website so that the users do not face any difficulty contacting you. 

  1. Specify your Expertise

There are various options available for interior designers when offering potential services to their target audience. However, it’s essential to specify what area of design you are offering, and you have hands-on experience in it. Let’s dig into some of the prominent interior designing services:

  • E-design services:

From the past few years, e-designing services have gained immense popularity as it gives access to best interior designing services without getting heavy on your bank balance. This design method helps you target a broader set of clients as you get the benefit of offering your services from the comfort of your home. However, make sure that you get all the relevant information in the initial face-to-face discussion. 

  • Renters Room Styling

Styling rented properties are also gaining momentum, with more and more people renting properties to stay. However, there are numerous restrictions when it comes to designing a rented property. Thus, working with these restrictions to give your clients a satisfying service is a significant challenge.

  • Traditional interior design

The most common form of interior designing services is revamping the full house. It is considered the most valued service even today. However, it might get difficult to acquire clients in this arena because of the high cost.

  1. Know Your Dream Client

This, without a shadow of a doubt, is the most crucial thing you need to decide. When starting your interior designing career, it’s vital to have a clear vision of who your client is and with whom you want to collaborate for work. Without this, it’s impossible to make people believe that you are the right fit for the job. You will also not differentiate yourself from other regular interior designers who can yet decide their style or dream client.

  1. Develop your Portfolio

How would you select an interior designer for your project? If I am right, you would probably wish to look at the designer’s previous work samples. Thus, it’s essential to collect all your previous work and highlight some of your most impressive work to grab your client’s attention. 

In case you are a newbie, you may take help from your friends or family to decorate their place and click great images to create your portfolio. 

  1.  Develop a Marketing Strategy

The primary marketing elements are crucial in any work area, but they are of utmost importance if you are a freelancer. You are solely responsible for each activity, right from creating your image to doing self-promotion. The more you understand the marketing principles, the better you will be able to make yourself visible to your target clients. Let’s check some of the most popular ways of promoting your services in the best possible manner:

  • Start your Blog:

A blog helps you boast your niche’s knowledge and expertise and grab your target clients’ attention. Ensure to keep your site up to date by frequently posting blogs on it.

  • Request for Referrals:

Now that you have started your remote interior designing career and have delivered remarkable experiences to your clients via your work, you can request referrals and connections to help you gain more visibility.

  1. Fix your Pricing

Similar to offering numerous services to clients, there are various ways to set your pricing strategies. Some of the standard methods of charging your clients include:

  • Flat Fee:

Most clients find it convenient to pay a fixed amount for interior designing services. You can easily calculate your fixed price by multiplying your hourly rate with the number of hours you expect that you will take to finish the project. However, this approach’s only drawback is that you might underestimate the time you take to complete the work and end up losing a considerable amount of money.

  • Hourly Charges:

This is one of the most popular and most straightforward ways to charge for the services you provide to your clients. You need to multiply your total hours taken to complete the task by your hourly rate. However, the major challenge is setting the right price for your services, ensuring that you and your clients are in a win-win situation.

  1. Get Ravishing Images

Your freelance interior designing career will live or die by the type of photography you spend. If you plan to start your freelance career in interior design, you cannot do that without stunning photos highlighting your creativity. If you are not confident that you will take incredible images, consider hiring a proper professional to complete your task.

  1. Stay Updated with the Latest Trends

No matter which area you are working in, it’s crucial to remain updated with the latest trends and conversations among professionals. If you start as a freelance interior designer, follow publications related to interior designing on social media and fellow designers who update the latest trends. When you possess knowledge about your industry’s happenings, you will be in the right position to maintain authenticity among your clients, helping you grow your business.

In a Nutshell 

Interior designing is undoubtedly a challenging industry, and when you plan to start your freelance interior designing career, you might face difficulty in the initial phase to kickstart your service. However, getting on track will take time. But keep putting in efforts, create an outstanding portfolio, and grow your connections.

The above points will help you kickstart your business and grow a strong client base. You can also sign up at a freelance platform like 24Task to connect directly with potential clients and employers.

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