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Is Freelance Legal Work in Demand?

freelance legal work
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya
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The world is changing, and the reality of a significant paradigm shift is evident in the coming future. Several professionals are moving from traditional offices to virtual offices. Legal work has not been left behind. As the number of upcoming attorneys increases each year, the job market is getting small; hence most professionals opt to freelance legal work.

Freelancing enables one to explore the field and gain more experience to their advantage. It offers one the flexibility of time. One can work at any time of the day from anywhere, be it at home or from an office. One also has control over the amount of work to complete within a given time. Freelance legal service providers work on a needed time basis. For this reason, many previously employed lawyers are turning to freelancers.

Why Lawyers Decide to Become Freelancers

There are several reasons why attorneys choose to become freelancers. Well qualified and employed lawyers have left their offices to venture into this new dynamic. Some of the main reasons include;

  1. Reduced Job Opportunities

With the increased number of professionals joining the industry from various universities, the job market is now full and opportunities reduced. Most people in this field turn into freelance to advance their careers.

  1. Distance

For formerly employed lawyers, distance to work has been a significant reason to turn to freelance. Most of them had to cover a long distance to get to work. Travel costs and other expenses took a toll on the salary earned.

Turning to freelance enables one to save time spent on the road by working at home or an office next to the house. It helps one dedicate more time working hence providing quality services.

  1. Time Flexibility

As a freelance legal service provider, one is not forced to work from an office under the usual routine of the ‘nine to five’ rule. With increased internet connectivity to homes, one can now conduct their research from home, attend meetings online at the comfort of their sofas, and all one needs is a computer to do their job. One only works when required by clients.

  1. Monotony of Work

Most of the employed lawyers have a specific duty to perform in the company. One works on the same thing every day, making it dull. Freelancing allows one to get experience in several areas within the field. One can also negotiate payments directly with the clients, unlike employed staff, who have a specified salary stipulated by the organization.

 Tasks Performed by Freelance Lawyers

As a freelance lawyer, one will work in various aspects and projects within the field. This include

  1. Research

This part involves written work such as document reviews, reports, and document drafting such as affidavits.

  1. Appearance Tasks

These are tasks where one gets to represent someone in court and listen to proceedings. It requires one to obtain registration and licenses from the relevant authorities to attend these sessions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Legal Freelance

Before turning into freelancing, it is vital to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Wide range of experience
  • Offers flexibility of time
  • Freedom from work-related issues


  • Few or no guidance from experienced experts
  • Unpredictable. One is not sure about getting clients frequently.
  • No assistance from other professionals such as paralegals and administrative assistants

Tips on Becoming a Freelance Attorney

Having a law degree and a license to practice allows one to offer freelance legal work.  But before taking this step, there are several tips to ensure success in the field.

  1. Advertise yourself

If someone already has experience in legal work, it is crucial to create a network. Make yourself known to your colleagues in the same profession. This move will enable other lawyers to know about you and that you are available to work at any time.

One can open a social network account. There are several platforms one can use. Here one can meet other professionals in the field, and clients can easily find you by searching. When creating a page, ensure that it is strictly professional.

One can also create a marketing website. One will require confirming with the relevant authorities on advertising rules to ensure compliance.

  1. Join Professional Societies in Legal Work

Join legal societies and become a member. It makes it easier to connect with other lawyers. One also gets frequent updates on any changes regarding the profession. It also gives you a platform from where one can get assistance when working.

  1. Get an Insurance Policy

An insurance cover helps one mitigate any unknown potential risk. Make sure that you get covered even if the client you are working for has one. Talk to your service provider and pick the right cover to enable you to operate smoothly.

  1. Develop Hourly Rates

Developing hourly rates is a difficult task for freelancers. Several factors determine the rate at which one stipulates. These include:

  • Level of Experience

Experienced and well-known lawyers have higher rates than new professionals. An experienced lawyer can use this aspect to attract more high profile clients.

  • Locality of Practice

The area at which one is located determines the cost of service. Freelance legal service providers living in large metropolitan cities will have higher rates than those in smaller towns and rural areas.

  • Area of Specialty

Legal work has different areas of specialty. These areas have varying complexity. Those practicing corporate law have higher rates than those in other areas.

  • Urgency of Projects

Very urgent tasks will attract a higher rate than those with extended deadlines. Some practitioners charge a flat fee for all their clients. This move is excellent since it ensures total transparency.

  1. Begin Every Contract with an Agreement

Before beginning any project or getting involved in an ongoing task, ensure that you sign an agreement. The agreement should be written and captures everything, including cost, compensation fee, date, ethics, and other legal factors.

How to Get Started With Freelancing Legal work

Multiple online firms such as 24Task are hiring qualified and experienced attorneys. If you are confident about your skills as a legal professional, then there are many options for you. Search them online and select those that have terms of your reference. Choose the most positively reputed legal organization. Our legal experts online offer services highly demanded by customers worldwide through email messages or even video calls. Going freelance is an option you can never regret choosing. Make the choice today and start earning at your home’s comfort or when attending other personal businesses.

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