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What Skills Must You Have to Grab a Freelance Product Design Project?

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From a rough layout to the final output, product creation is a roller-coaster ride. The product design world is a perfect blend of pragmatism and ideas, merged with technical skills, artistry, and entrepreneurship. Getting a freelance product design project is tough enough here are some of the must-have skills to get one.

Individuals working on freelance product design projects should possess the skills to merge creativity with logical thoughts. For this, they need to have comprehensive knowledge in product design and 3D modeling, CAD basics, excellent technical skills, and project management skills.

Let’s dive in to see the product design and development skills you should possess while working as a product designer. But before that, let’s first understand the role of a product design and development individual.

What Does a Freelance Product Designer Do?

A freelance product designer is a person who owes the knowledge and creativity to create exceptional product designs for clients from different industries. These individuals working on freelance product design projects collaborate with the clients on their own or via freelancing platforms.

Being their boss, these freelancers can select the designing projects that meet their timings, skills, and preferences. A freelance product designer’s skill set is more or less the same as that of a regular product designer. However, they need to stay active and look for clients to grab the best work opportunities through various mediums.

Now that you know what the role of freelance product designers is, let’s have a look at the various skill set that these people working on different freelance product design project should have:

Top skills to Owe for Product Design and Development Projects

Technical Skills

  1. UX Copywriting Skills:

UX writing involves writing and including copy during the designing process rather than doing later. This develops a stronger bond between text and design that can enhance the final output and reduce revisions.

It is the designer’s and writers’ responsibility to imagine various user interactions and discover all the “what if” situations of their business. Before putting their thoughts into words, each writer must consider their target audience, what they want to communicate and how their write-up will flow. Digital designers also have the same approach: they try various ways to convey their message in a hassle-free way visually.

The significant difference is the toolkit: writers need to put their ideas into words, and designers use visuals to develop an excellent experience for the audience. Having expertise in these areas can open doors for various outstanding opportunities.

  1. User Research:

When working on a freelance product design project, you are working for the user. Thus, it all depends on the user’s needs and requirements. For gathering this data, you should be able to put up the right questions. It would be best to gain market research expertise such as surveys and focused groups on collecting the correct information and developing an outstanding product.

  1. UX Design:

UX design plays a vital role in influencing the way customers experience your designs. It’s essential to understand the user psychology as to which colors would attract them and encourage them to take the desired action. What would make them stay longer on the page? Combine these ideas with design convention to develop a product that grabs the targeted user’s attention.

  1. Prototyping:

It is an add-on advantage for people working on a freelance product design project to have UX design expertise. Possessing such skills helps you churn out an easy prototype for testing purposes.     

Some important reasons to support this are that you require some visual aids to transmit your thoughts to your clients, and a rough prototype is an ultimate way to make things happen.

You can also augment your needs with a prototype to ensure that the implementation team knows what you expect from them.

Soft Skills

  1. Quick Decision Maker:

Product design and development people need to be excellent decision-makers when discussing user experience, mainly when any sensitive issue is being discussed; product designers must take complete responsibility for flagging user problems and addressing unexpected issues while staying composed.

However, you should not just possess the ability to make a quick decision but also have a sharp mind so that you can help your clients transform the information into actionable recommendations.

  1. Communication Skills:

While working on a freelance product design project, you must interact with people constantly to understand their requirements appropriately.

Working as a product design and 3D modeling individual, you act as a warehouse of all the product information. This indicates that you should be able to convey the knowledge to concerned people. It’s your responsibility to provide a clear guideline regarding the designs to the team members you are working with. Poorly presented data can lead you to miss the deadlines and not meet the client’s requirements.

Noting down the product requirement document is among the essential responsibilities you’ll possess as a designer. It is a crucial document that you will refer to from ideation to launch vital 

data about actual dates, product direction, prospective customers, and many more. You should have the ability to structure the document so that it’s simple to follow and analyze regardless of the depth of the data it contains.

In the end, words matter, so it’s essential to use them wisely to support your motive.

  1. Strategic Thinking:

Product designers must think strategically in every stage of product development. From analyzing the market to deciding how to go live with the latest product, various product management work needs strategic thinking to execute the plan successfully. It would be best to have a complete understanding of the customer segmentation, product life cycle, forecasting sales, and others. In addition to this, strategic skills comprise mind-map software, goal orientation, problem-solving skills, and many more.

  1. Proper Testing:

It is the core responsibility of a product design and 3D modeling people to analyze how the latest features and functionalities can be incorporated into the new design. Before taking the products on the floor, it is crucial to test the product. Thus, it is essential to know how to virtual test your product via CAE and then develop a prototype.

Over to You

By now, you must have understood the skills you require to work as a top product designer. However, you don’t need to qualify in all the mentioned skills, but having basic knowledge will suffice the need. This skillset helps you to have a 360-degree vision that integrates the action plan of the organization. We hope this list will help you enhance your freelance product designing career.

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