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As a freelance writer, your main goal is to provide unique and quality articles or essays to your clients. When you are a beginner, you might get anxious because you wonder what the clients will say about your work. There is no need to trouble yourself much as the internet has got several freelance writer resources.

The resources are meant to help you formulate the best pieces for your clients. If you utilize your tools well, your crafts will improve significantly with time. Here are 5 must-have resources that we will look at before you begin your writing career.

Essential Resources to Have as a Freelance Writer

  1. SEO Tips and Training

If you plan to be a web-based writer, you should know how to apply keyword research. These tips will help your articles rank in the search engine. Any training that deals with SEO or keyword research would be a great resource.

Even if you are not writing for yourself, good SEO writing skills will enable you to get well-paying clients. You do not have to be a professional, but getting the basic tips will make the difference.

Try using other writers’ tips to have an idea of how you can progress. Besides, there are several free courses and videos on YouTube to help you.

  1. Social Media

Social media is among the best freelance writer resources to use. You can build a page on any social platform and start advertising your services. Social media is lovely as it also allows clients to contact you directly when they need your services.

Apart from that, you get the chance to talk to other freelancers who have been in the industry a long time to assist you with their best tips. It is possible to make money by connecting with clients through your social media page.

  1. Websites and Freelance Platforms

To be successful in freelance writing, organization is key. Use tools and websites that help you manage your time well. Also, utilize those tools that help you formulate the best sentence structures, including those that help you correct grammar and punctuation.

Do not forget about freelance platforms, as they are great resources for writers. This is because they help writers find work quickly. All you have to do is create a good profile, put out your best samples in the portfolio, and make sure you always impress your clients.


  1. Textbooks and Journals

Freelance writers cannot do without research. That is why they need textbooks, the internet, and journals. Quality pieces of work are made from proper research. Whether you need to improve your grammar or want solid facts, you will get it all in books.

There are websites on the internet that provide a variety of textbooks for free. It is wise to use them if you want to be a good writer. Before you begin writing, ensure that you have done enough research and you understand the topic well.

  1. Writing Guidelines

This is one of the best freelance writer resources that most freelancers look for when they begin their journey. It provides all the tips and tricks that a writer can use to make their craft much better. The guide usually directs freelancers into other writer resources that they can use.

As a writer, the best thing to do once you get the best guide is to concentrate only on those areas you want to perfect. Alternatively, split the subjects and try to learn them one at a time. This will help you grasp all the important points that you need to know.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

  • Practice without Hussle

Having freelance writer resources is not enough to make you a professional writer. You must be willing to sacrifice your time to practice how to write the best pieces. Most successful freelance writers have done lots of research and practice to get where they are. Therefore, constant practice is what will make you progress well in your writing career.

  • Follow the Latest News and Trends

As much as books are excellent resources for writers, it would also be great to use current trends and news to create your content. You will be able to formulate unique content that most writers cannot, which will get you more clients. Clients are always looking for competent writers to assist them with their tasks and assignments.

  • Engage Your Audience

This is an excellent way to make people read your articles. As much as you’ve got writer resources, you should not forget about this. There is no need to write an essay that will not be read by your audience. Ensure you have the correct thesis and allow yourself to think of what your audience will enjoy. Use the right tone and keep it interesting.

  • Refine Your Written Essay/Articles

Refining your written essays is another excellent way that you can perfect your writing skills. Ensure that you have corrected all the mistakes. Use the necessary tools to help you improve your work. You can also get help from freelance writers as they will show you where you went wrong and guide you on how to correct the mistakes.

  • Use Examples

Samples are resources for writers we did not talk about earlier. It is one of the resources that you can use to improve your skills. Look at what other writers include in their papers, how they formulate their essays, and how they structure their sentences. Ensure to write all the essential points you get from the samples.

Is Writing a Good Career?

Writing is among the best careers that you can choose. Many websites online are looking for potential writers to formulate unique articles that will drive traffic to their websites. Perfecting your skills is the most challenging part, but you will manage to find the best clients to work with once you do.

Besides, the internet provides you with plenty of freelance writer resources to improve your skills. You can start by looking at writing guides at 24Task to know how to format and write better essays to make clients stick to your services.

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