The Conclusive Guide to a Landing Page

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Are you still sending all your organic traffic to your home page and expecting the best to happen? If your answer is yes: it’s the right time to change your technique. Organic traffic is too prized to be wasted on such pages that lead the users in various directions. Now is the time that you create a spellbound landing page and utilize your marketing campaigns the most. This guide to a landing page speaks about the importance of having landing and best practices of landing pages.

But the question arises where to start and how to complete the designing process? No worries, as we have got your covered. We have a detailed guide to a landing page to understand the importance of a landing page.

No matter if you are trying to tap into new audiences or engage with your current customers, landing pages turn out to help convey the right message to the right customers at the right time to help you get the best possible return on your money and time. This guide to a landing page will throw lights on all the essential things you need to know when creating a landing page.

What is a Landing Page?

The primary aim of any landing page is to increase your conversion rates to meet your business goals. Though there are various landing pages, the intent for all is the same- drive more leads. However, a landing page is not included in the site navigation and does not offer several click-out options.

You can develop a landing page to motivate leads to act:

Why Do You Need a Landing Page?

You must be wondering that even after spending hours creating a captivating website and social presence, why do you need to have a landing page?

So, the answer is that they are specially designed pages with unique content and specified goals.

Once you create your website, most of its part remains constant except the blogging page where you regularly update the new blogs. You may think of publishing posts about specific events or any offer, but it’s not possible for any more significant site.

Here’s the critical reason: landing pages can help you get potential leads. Most companies agree that a landing page plays a significant role in getting web traffic.

Landing pages are exceptional to a particular set of audiences and aim that the audiences take action or make a decision in your favor. They manage to grab the audience’s attention in a way that even the homepage can’t do. They keep the users intact and focus on the information you wish them to know instead of leaving them in a pool of data on your homepage.

Why Are Landing Page Essential in Digital Marketing?

As we discussed before in this guide to a landing page, the primary motive of any landing page is to create leads for your brand, and it also serves as a short introduction for customers who are new to your business.

Thus, you would want to create such a page that reflects your brand’s objectives and positively impacts the customers.

What are the Best Practices to Remember While Creating a Landing Page?

  1. Craft an Impressive and Concise Copy

Ensure to come up with a copy that is crystal clear and to the point. Landing pages are not such a place where you need to showcase your creativity. Use your creative side in the blog and write crisp content for the landing page.

Most customers who land on your landing page may be interested in your services; that’s why they are here by clicking on an email or PPC ad. Just because they are interested in your offerings doesn’t indicate that they will stay longer if you don’t get directly to the point.

Each sentence on your landing page should meet your purpose, and that should support your call to action. If any sentence doesn’t make sense, remove it altogether. Form crisp sentences to tell your customers what they wish to know and encourage them to take action.  

  1. Ask Minimal Details in your Lead Form

If you are planning to include a lead form in your landing page, ensure to make it readily accessible so that your customers do not keep on searching the landing page to locate the offer.

Also, ask them to fill in the essential data. For instance, if you are putting something on sale, make the process hassle-free. Ask the customers the crucial details like shipping and billing address and share a confirmation screen before taking the order. Keep it as crisp, short, and concise as possible.

  1. Add a Magnificent Call-to-Action

There is no denying that the call-to-action button is the most crucial landing page element that encourages conversion. Thus, the CTA button must stand out from the rest. This means that use different colors and designs to highlight the CTA button. Make sure that you know what action you want your visitors to take and point it out for them, such as “download,” “discover,” or “submit.”

  1. Fresh And Clear Layout

The look, appeal, and entire structure of your landing page design significantly impact your page and drive conversions. Your landing page’s foremost goal is to make things easier and clear for the visitors to take the desired action. Hence, it’s essential that every element of the page work towards the aim, whether filling in the form, signing up for newsletters, downloading white papers, or making a purchase.  

A well-designed landing page comprises exceptional use of colors and captivating images. Some button colors like red or green grab the user’s attention and increase conversions but keep a high difference between the call-to-action button and the background. You should check on various other attributes like the placement, test color, and many more to come up with the most efficient landing page layout.

  1. Remove Extra Navigation

The most common difference between the landing page and a regular site is that the landing page should not have any other site navigation, which might confuse the visitors. As the landing page is created to gain leads, it should only have the call-to-action button.

However, you can add a link to provide details for those who are dicey about the purchase. You can link your logo to your home page.

Final Note

The landing page must be a part of your digital marketing plan. They can turn out to be an essential driver for your organization, no matter how you use them in your email marketing, paid campaigns, or anywhere else.  

When you design well-planned landing pages with an apt mix of elements, a concise message, and a hassle-free way to encourage people to take the desired action, you will see positive results.

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