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How to Get More Mobile App Reviews?

get more mobile app reviews
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya
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Building a successful app is one hell of a task and getting it to the market is more of a hustle. As an app designer, you are faced with the challenge of getting your app to sell and upgrading it frequently to meet the changing user needs. Therefore, you are constantly looking for ways to make this step easy to do.

One of those things you can do to help you serve your consumers is to get more app reviews. For people to download your app, reviews are very crucial. Many users depend highly on what those who used your app in the past say about the application. It may be challenging to get reviews, but it helps a lot in establishing credibility for your business; hence, it is vital to learn how to get more app reviews.

Although not any reviews can garner the effects, you want. The reviews must be authentic, from real users, and positive in a way. They will not only help you get downloaders and are crucial in helping you know which bugs to fix to improve customer experience. So you should be aware of ways on how to get app reviews.

Mobile App Reviews are Important Because;

A recent Apptentive research study shows a significant percentage of users, at least 77% to go through a review to help them decide whether to download or not to download a given app. It also concluded that a new user would download a well-rated app from a company they do not know about and ignore a poorly rated company from a company they are aware of.

42% of the respondents in this survey told the researchers that their decision to download an app is based entirely on reviews.

The Bottom Line

It may not be easy to generate reviews, but with the knowledge on how to get more app reviews, you will have a headstart in the game. The fact is to get more app reviews that will help people use your app is not a walk in the park. Users rarely leave reviews easily. According to this survey, a huge fraction of nearly two-thirds of the apps in stores has never been reviewed. This article gives a guide to help you get authentic reviews for your app.

Tips on How to Get More App Reviews   

  1. Ensure Proper Timing

It is essential always to remind the users of the app to provide reviews to the mobile app. However, the reminders must not disrupt the experience when using the app. Ensure that your time requests to provide mobile app reviews to appear at the right time.

The best app developers program the review request notification to appear at the end of the session when the user is about to close the app. Placing the request during the use of the software might create a bad experience, and users might cancel and avoid giving positive feedback. This might harm the business.

  1. Make It Simple

People are most likely going to give a review if their experience with the app is terrible. They are most likely going to log in to the app store and complain about every bad experience. Remove any obstacles that can prevent users from providing feedback. Several tools can make it very simple to get more app reviews.

These tools add a pop-up notification that provides users with a chance to rate the app without necessarily leaving. It then directs them to the store, where they can leave a comment about their experience.

  1. Provide Feedback to both Negative and Positive Mobile App Reviews

Providing timely feedback is a clear indication that you care about your clients and their experience. It provides them with a form of security that you are ready to listen and solve any issues arising from the use of the app. It is only achievable through providing an immediate response. Do not take too long to provide feedback.

Responding to positive reviews is also important. Always thank users who provide positive feedback and assure them of a better user experience in the future. You will get more reviews when users see that they are getting direct feedback. Ensure that the tone of the language used expresses some level of empathy to avoid judgment by users.

  1. Ensure That the App Is Worth Reviewing

Businesses are creating more apps with an increase in the use of smartphones. This move allows for better service delivery. However, not all apps in the store are worth getting a review from the clients. The design and development of the app greatly influence the number of reviews it will get. The functioning of the app is also essential since it dictates the user’s experience.

Mobile app development is one of the most overlooked tips, whereas it is the most important. People always want to get a good experience when using an app, and they will automatically provide more reviews.

  1. Run a Show through Different Platforms

Shows are a great way on how to get app reviews. There are various platforms, such as online social pages, where you can run these contests. The most important aspect of these shows is transparency. Before running the contest, provide an exact list of the participants and have well-defined rules for engaging in the contest.

It is also important to be open to how you choose the winner of the contest. Provide tangible reasons so that other participants may not feel that there was poor judgment during the selection. You must also study your audience to know what they are more interested in and capitalize on that.

Is There Any Other Option?

As said earlier, getting authentic reviews is hard. So, you may be wondering if you have any other option to help market your app. The answer is yes. If you have gone through designing a successful app and do not know how to get more app reviews, we will give you an option.

Today, there are multiple mobile marketers online who can work for you. They are professionals who can help get your app to the market and gain more positive customer reviews. Search them today and choose one of your standards at an affordable price. 24Task is one of those authentic sites where you can get a trustworthy mobile app marketer.

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