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Importance of Video Marketing for your Business to Grow

video marketing for business
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya
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Very many businesses face a lot of challenges when choosing the most convenient marketing style. With the advancement in technology and the use of the internet, there is a noticeable paradigm shift in the marketing field. Most businesses are moving out of conventional brand awareness styles such as TV advertisements and adopting online marketing strategies to reach many people.

Video marketing for business is becoming the most common type of brand awareness creation. A recent study found out that approximately 60% of consumers prefer to watch video advertisements from companies. Out of those, 50% prefer to watch the whole video without skimming through. It is a clear indication that video marketing for business is vital.

Properties of a good video for marketing

Videos are a good way of enhancing brand awareness, but on the other hand, the quality of the video also influences the growth of the business. The following are some video marketing ideas for small business to take note of when creating a video to enhance the business:

  • Make it Short

Marketing videos must be short. As an entrepreneur, ensure that you create precise videos running for less than one minute. Lengthy videos might be boring to watch. It is easier to hook viewers by creating short videos of at least 10 seconds and not more than 30 seconds.

  • Make Sure It is of High Quality

For your marketing video to be successful, make sure it is of high quality. High-quality videos are a clear indication of high professionalism by a company. Quality videos also attract more viewers hence increased traffic to the website. Most people also watch videos on silent mode; therefore, having text alongside the videos is essential.

  • Include a Call to Action

The call to action is essential, just like the first part of the video. The call to action directs your audience into your webpage. It also informs the audience on the next step to take. It may be to click on a link provided, share, or even repost the video. It increases the likelihood that more people will watch the video through sharing.

Many businesses are now opting to use video marketing strategies to make themselves known to the public. It is because of the numerous advantages which video marketing offers to the success of the business. The article below provides the importance of video marketing for business.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Enterprises

  1. Increases Search Engine Optimization Ratings

Having a high SEO rating increases the chances of people choosing your product. Videos help improve the SEO rating for any company. When potential clients search for services offered, your company will appear on the search result’s first page. Many people believe that services that appear on the first page of search engines provide high-quality services. You can also promote the video through social media pages.

  1. Enhances Customer Trust and Credibility

Videos help create a strong connection with your clients. It also portrays the personality of the company. Videos help develop trust among clients. It influences the decision of the clients to seek services from the clients.

Creating several videos is the best way to increase brand awareness to the customers. The more the videos, the more educated the clients become. It helps build a strong foundation.

  1. Enhances Other Marketing Campaigns Especially Email Marketing

Emails can be disturbing to open, so it is vital to create a way to convince your audience to open the emails. Videos can help increase the need to open up the email and know more about its services. Using the word video on the subject section can increase clients’ chances of opening up the email.

Videos are easy to watch compared to reading long passages. Therefore, attaching it to the email can increase the click-through-rate. Videos easily summarise long passages of marketing texts into a short clip of 30 seconds. It is also easier to explain how to use the product using videos than texts.

  1. Short Films Help Improve Conversion Rates

Several researchers found out that attaching a video on the business website can increase conversions by almost 85%. Video marketing for business greatly influences the client’s purchasing behavior. A video can easily persuade a new client into trying your product compared to when using text or pictures.

To influence the client’s purchasing ability, ensure that the video conveys the right emotions to increase sales.

  1. Videos Pass More Information Easily

As an entrepreneur, you should note that consumers are always looking for information, answers, and entertainment online. Frequently asked questions can be an excellent way to provide solutions, but it is not the greatest way to provide solutions.

Videos pass information easier and quicker compared to reading the whole text. It makes video marketing for business the best way to provide answers to clients.

  1. Enhances Online Shares through Social Media

Most people have an online social account where they can get more information. People share videos easily with their peers through this channel. It is high time for entrepreneurs to take this chance and tell people more about the company by using videos on social media platforms. It is an excellent way of increasing traffic to the website.

What Next?

With the increase in technology use, more video options such as live video are becoming popular. The discussion above shows that marketing films have greater advantages to any business’s success.  Businesses need to invest more in video marketing to enjoy the benefits associated with it.

As an entrepreneur, it might be challenging to run your business and, at the same time, create marketing videos for the company. Running a business involves different kinds of activities that may become difficult to handle as a single person. Today, there are several video marketers in the field ready to take your business to the next level.

They offer quality services at a much affordable rate. Through them, you can obtain professional services that are unique to the services you offer. You will want to know where to get the best experts. 24Task is a well-known platform that provides well-qualified experts in this area. Reach out today for the help you need.

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