Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks You Should Try to Explore

Instagram hacks

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Instagram is one of those social media platforms that has gained millions of users over a few years. Many think that only fashion sellers and photography experts can use it for their business growth. However, the good news is, anybody can use Instagram to boost traffic to their businesses through the right marketing strategies.

A significant percentage of users sign in every day on this channel. These are the same people that comprise the potential customers of your products. A good percentage of about 5% of those who see business posts take action if impressed. This percentage daily is enough to cause a remarkable change in sales.

If you have not considered using Instagram for your brand growth yet, it is quite evident that you are missing out. Many of these social media platform users are the likely customers to help your business grow.

How It Works

Many entrepreneurs are familiar with the apparent marketing channels and cannot go about it concerning Instagram. There are ways to utilize the channel and get exponential growth in your business at a lower cost than other advertising channels. Find them in this article.

First, you need to have an Instagram page for your business. It is the same page you use to post anything concerning your brand. Use those that are relevant in capturing the user’s attention. Over time, you gain followers.

Among these followers, those who will take action immediately take knowledge home for future use and tell it to others. This way, you improve sales regularly once you post a new item. So, in this article are tips to help you get started on Instagram marketing for your business.

Tips on Using Instagram Marketing Strategy

  1. Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are an integral part of the Instagram media. It allows one to expose their content to reach a broader scope. It allows users to search for one’s content easily by typing it on the search bar. There are tools developed to help people find hashtags that are relevant to the industry. The good thing about this platform is that it allows up to thirty hashtags per post.

Exploiting all the thirty chances Instagram provides is good, but one can use an average of eleven hashtags. Grow your business account on Instagram, do some research, and find out the best hashtags to use for the business to improve sales.

  1. Upload Videos Frequently

Photos are good for content creation, but videos offer the best chances of engagement with clients. People are always looking for other metrics such as the number of views to gauge their authority. The number of likes one receives is becoming less attractive to potential clients.

Unlike pictures, videos can attract viewers; hence the best form to use on Instagram. One should ensure that they are short. Long videos are hardly watched and will make people lose interest in the account.

  1. Make Connections With Influencer Marketers

This method is a shortcut for quick Instagram growth. One can reach out to a famous person who has several followers and requests them to advertise the business. Depending on the person you reach out to, some will do it for free, while others will ask for a small fee.

To the best ROI, ask them to post some of the business photos or posts and caption them using your handle name. This move will help generate a lot of traffic into your page hence making more sales. Always reach out to the most genuine influencers to get genuine engagement.

  1. Make Use of Story Highlights

It is best to use the story highlight feature to increase sales since highlights allow one to post at the top of the page. It will enable you to post more characters than those posted on your Instagram bio. One can only post up to 150 characters on the bio; hence it is crucial to make fair use of the story highlights.

Only share relevant information that cannot fit into your profile bio. It will help you communicate about yourself and your products to your clients.

  1. Develop Posts Whereby Clients Can Shop Directly

Instagram does not allow businesses to provide links on the posts. One can only add a link to the main profile. Every time you make a post, one must mention ‘link on bio’ to direct customers to the profile. This lengthy process can drive potential clients to get discouraged, and one will also need to update the link on the profile after every post frequently.

Business people with Instagram accounts can now take advantage of the shoppable posts to make it easier for clients to shop directly. There are numerous builders in the market today who can offer a connection with Instagram. This move will help free up an Instagram bio.

  1. Frequently Use Ads

Ads work the same with market influencers. It helps one get more traffic into their page hence increasing the number of sales. As a business person, it is essential to use both features and determine which one provides the best ROI. It will allow one to know which to invest in for better results. One can also utilize both features to ensure maximum return.

  1. Develop a Strong Call To Action

As an entrepreneur, every image you post must be followed by a bold call to action statement. Making users follow what you want is always easy by only asking them to do so. Some of the most common call to action statements that startups could use include ‘double-tap ‘or ‘tag a friend.’

One can also ask fans to sign up for free using their email and purchase the product on offer. The call to action must be friendly and should ask fans to have a look at the website.

  1. Develop Scheduled Posts

Running business operations and, at the same time, running a social media account can be a challenging thing. The best thing entrepreneurs can do is schedule the Instagram posts. It helps one free their time and put more focus on other business matters. There are different scheduling tools one can use to help manage their accounts.

  1. Automated Engagement with Clients

Big companies with Instagram accounts make fair use of automated replies with their clients. They use different software to help them handle activities taking place in the account. One only needs to set the criteria for engagement, and the tools will perform the task efficiently.

Customers love instant replies, and this can help build trust among your clients. Delays can lead to mistrust and end up losing all your potential clients at a go.

Professional Marketing

Are you sure you are doing it, right? Many entrepreneurs won’t get on the right path with Instagram marketing. Specialty is needed to help integrate this information into a working platform.

Are you getting into trouble with it and need help? There are multiple Instagram marketing Freelancers from 24Task waiting to help you out. With them, it is easy to gain the right followers and traffic to your page. An increase in business sales through Instagram is no big deal with these experts. Reach out to them online and get started on the right track.

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