The Only Quora Marketing Guide Freelancers will Ever Need

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Are you using Quora to increase your website traffic?

Answering other folk’s questions is one of the ultimate ways to build your credibility and image as an authority in your niche. Even if you don’t have proficiency on a specific topic, there are possibilities that you may know more than others. This question-and-answer network enables you to spread your expertise among others on various issues.

I’m sure many of you leave no stone unturned to get in touch with the target audience, create your image in your niche, and more. Trust me on this; Quora helps in doing all this with utmost ease if you have the right Quora strategy planned!

One of the important reasons I love this platform is that it helps you understand what your potential customers wish to know about.

And most importantly, it helps you drive massive traffic to your site, creates potential leads, or enables you to accomplish various goals by sharing your expertise. But all this miracle is possible only if you know how to do Quora marketing.

Thrilled? Wondering how to go ahead with this platform? Take a backseat and keep reading to know everything about Quora marketing. Let’s begin.

All That You Should Know About Quora

In simple terms, Quora is among the top online communities where people from various niches post questions and receive real-time answers from experts. Also, it’s a perfect place to associate with the people of one mind.

The members can upvote or downvote the answers if they unlike or like them. Apart from this, you also get the option to follow various topics and profiles and stay updated.

The platform comprises a wide array of topics from several niches, including motivation, health and fitness, technology, freelancing, and many more.

Besides the simple question-answer setup, there is some leading section of Quora which you must know before moving ahead.

Why Freelancers should use Quora Marketing

It’s not just the bloggers but also various freelancers and brands that pay attention to Quora and develop a great Quora marketing strategy to spread the word about themselves and add value with their replies.

Fundamental reasons to use Quora includes:

Now that you know Quora and why you should use it, let’s move ahead and understand how to use Quora effectively.

Top Quora Marketing Strategy

  1. Quora Sign-Up:

You can quickly sign up on Quora via your email address, Google or Facebook ID and get access to the platform without paying any charges. Once you have created your account, you will be required to choose the top 10 topics of your interest or wish to follow.

  1. Enhance Your Quora Profile:

One of the foremost things that must be part of your Quora strategy is to work on your profile and make it catchy.  

A part of your bio is visible at the top every moment you answer any question. This factor gives you an ultimate opportunity to create your brand value.

Those who would be using Quora know that it highlights the initial 50 characters of your description that includes your name and bio as a punch line.

Thus, ensure fully utilizing these 50 characters to your benefit and try to include your brand name right at the beginning.

Apart from this, you also get the benefit of creating a topic-specific bio. You can mention mobile app expertise if attempting any application questions or marriage advisory if attempting questions related to that field.

  1. Look for a Suitable Question to Answer:

While preparing a Quora marketing strategy, don’t forget to consider this point. The most pleasing thing about this platform is that it lets you answer any question you want to share your views.

Remember these points while searching for an imperative way to post your answers:

  1. Utilize Quora Ads

Do you wish to achieve great results with your Quora marketing? Or do you aim to get massive external traffic to your website? If such is the case, utilize Quora ads. Quora owns its ad platform, which works like PPC systems.

The ad you create will be coming on the right questions embedded between or on the top of the answers. Though targeting is not as impactful as Facebook, it’s still an excellent chance to create a buzz about your business.

  1. Monitor Quora Stats:

No matter what marketing strategy you are involved in, it’s essential to keep track of analytics to analyze whether you are moving in the right direction or not.

Though you don’t get detailed analytics on Quora, you can analyze how many views your answer is getting and sort them based on varied ranges.

Go to the ‘Stats’ tab and check which answer performed better in upvotes, views, and shares. If any specific niche answer performs better, it merely indicates that you should concentrate in that area and become a reliable source. Analyzing stats must be a vital part of your Quora strategy as this helps you go in the right direction.


When it comes to putting down your thoughts and sharing your views with the world, Quora is the best platform. It’s an excellent platform that allows you to showcase your expertise in your niche or any topic.

Though sharing your website link can spam your account directly, the point mentioned above that discusses how to use Quora effectively will help you spread the word about yourself and establish your business while meeting Quora’s terms and conditions.

Is Quora on your cards for marketing your business? Which of the Quora marketing strategies mentioned above can help you meet your targets? Feel free to share your views below.

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