Top 5 Social Media Metrics You Should Be Tracking

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You’ve become proficient in churning out social media content regularly. Your company’s social media handles are now gaining massive attention and getting impressive engagement rates.

But the question arises:

Let’s come directly to the point. Are you efficiently measuring your social media metrics?

When you run paid campaigns on social media, you will always be surrounded with questions like, “Are your social media KPI’s improving?” “What metrics are you keeping track of and why?” etc. 

If such questions are making your life miserable, don’t worry as you are not the only one! With various metrics out there, it can get tough to understand which ones to monitor.

That’s why we have come up with a list of the metrics which you must track to avoid missing any numbers that might help you in the future. These metrics will give you a detailed insight into how to measure the social presence, audiences and enhance your brand presence online.

But before moving ahead and learning about the various metrics, let’s first understand what social channel metrics mean and why it is essential to keep track of it.

Social Media Metrics and Its Importance

Social media KPI’s showcase your marketing performance. In simpler terms, they are the statistics that you get from your social networking channels to analyze your marketing strategy and implementation.

However, your social media goals play a significant role in determining which metrics to track. For every goal, you need to look for a specific metric that helps you analyze whether your social strategy is going in the right direction or not.

It is vital to measure social presence as they help you monitor how to hit your social media campaign is and how it will affect your overall business. These metrics help you gain knowledge of your social profile and brand health as you cannot analyze your social media presence without any vital data to back it up.

Now that we know what metrics are and why it is so crucial, let’s dive in and see the top metrics you must be tracking without further delay.

Monitoring the Right Social Media performing Indicators

1.Engagement: Likes, Shares, Tweets, Comments

Engagement is undoubtedly a colossal umbrella category to monitor. This metric helps you analyze how your audiences perceive your brand’s content and how your campaigns perform.

Most of the social networking platforms allow you to share the content and reply to it. For instance, Facebook shares or Twitter retweets are crucial for analyzing who is sharing your content. Similarly, comments, likes, and replies indicate who is interacting with your content.

However, you must note that analyzing one engagement metric may not give you relevant data to make your strategy. It’s essential to look at a combination of KPIs to know more about what factors you can track to meet your requirements.

Thus, it’s vital first to finalize your goals and then look for metrics. Whether you aim to raise awareness for your brand (posts and retweets) or wish to generate interaction (comments, replies), ensure to look for those metrics essential for your brand. 

2.Sharing of Voice: Sentiment and Volume

The volume of mentions indicates how unique and compelling your content is. Volume is not just about counting the metrics, but it’s more than that. It gives you a brief idea of how often netizens are talking about your brand online. People love talking about things they like, or they don’t like, but they hardly mention the name of those they hate.

While calculating the volume, it’s essential to analyze how many people are talking about your brand and monitoring the messages related to your brand. This helps you keep track of numbers that change over time. Analyze when people are talking the most about your brand so that you can plan posts accordingly.

3.Awareness: Reach and Impressions

If you aim to raise awareness for your brand, reach and impressions are essential metrics to measure social presence. Though impressions can help you analyze your content’s potential, it’s still necessary to consider other social media KPI’s for ultimate performance.

If you wish to educate audiences and establish your brand name, you’ll prefer to measure impressions and engagement.

Posts with high impressions and low engagement rates indicate that your post was not attractive enough for people to take any action. But a post with good reach and engagement suggests that the content went viral via shares and retweets.

4.Customer Care: Response Time and Rate

Customers love engaging with their favorite brands on social media. Whether they are asking questions or leaving reviews about your brand, it’s essential to address as many mentions as possible.

This is where social networking KPI’s such as response rate and response time comes into the picture. They keep track of how fast you are attending to the queries and how many are getting responses.

5.ROI: Conversions and Referrals

Social media ROI is one of the trickiest metrics to follow. It’s crucial to track what you’re getting in return for your investment.

Organizations with websites, eCommerce platforms, social referral traffic, or conversions are related to marketing and sales goals. To track these, you can incorporate UTM tracking or a website analytics program like Google Analytics.

When Do Social Metrics Become Invaluable

It is essential to measure social presence as they help you analyze how your campaign performs over time. Preparation and regularity play a significant role in measuring social presence. Depending on your goal, select the metrics you want to measure and start tracking. If you observe any changes than what you expected, try to analyze the reason for it.

The above-mentioned social media KPI’s will help you better understand the efficiency of your social media activity. The combination of these five metrics will give you a complete picture of your social media performance.

Which all social media metrics do you take into consideration for tracking your social presence? How do you manage to track them over the course of time? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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