5 Simple Ways To Promote Your Website

ways to promote your website
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So, finally, your hard work has borne fruits, and you just launched your website online. You have the best product in the market and offer excellent services. However, it does not mean people come flocking to your website. No one will know about your website if you do not promote it.

Having a great product is not enough, you have to advertise it. If you want your website to get noted, you must go for website promotions. Promoting your website is easy, and there are many ways to do it. No worries if you have no clue about it. We are here to help you. 

Why must you consider promoting your website?

Having a website representing your business goals and brand identity is a big step towards reaching millions of users online. Nevertheless, the most crucial task is letting people know about your site. Website promotion comes with several benefits, which are:

  • Increase in sales and income
  • Brand awareness
  • Ease of communication with customers
  • Bridges the gap between customers and business
  • Growth in business opportunities and networking
  • More traffic to your website
  • More engagement with the customers

There are many strategies to promote websites, and today we will look into some of them in this article.

However, before starting the promotion activities, make sure you have the right web host to handle the website traffic generated by promotion. A strong web host will have enough resources to accommodate multiple visitors at any given time. It becomes valuable once you start developing traffic to your website.

Some relevant factors to consider when choosing the web host are – bandwidth, storage, server uptime, and of course, your budget.

Now let us guide you through some simple ways to promote your website.

1.Website Optimization/SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or website optimization, when done correctly, will help your website to rank higher in search engine results. Outsource an SEO professional to audit your website, who will provide you with necessary recommendations on SEO ranking factors such as – XML sitemap, broken links, duplicate content, page speed, navigation, and on-page optimization factors, etc. 

Furthermore, incorporate on-page SEO for your website to make your website rank higher. The webpage elements like URL, title, heading, images can be optimized by on-page by,

  • URL simplification
  • Image optimization
  • Title and meta description optimization

URL simplification: Keep your website’s URL simple, relevant, and short. Use hyphens to separate the words for easier understanding.

Image Optimization: Include quality images that look attractive and add value to your content. Optimizing the photos can earn you some brownie points. You can do it by optimizing the image alt tag. Add accurate image description (include keywords or words related to keywords) to the alt tag to help the search engine crawlers depict what the website is about so that your website turns up in relevant searches. 

Title and meta description optimization: Again, keep the titles, meta descriptions, headings, and subheadings (h1 to h6 tags) relevant, short, and on-point. Titles and headings are the first things to be noticed, so include catch-phrases here. For example, including a number in the title catches the user’s attention, like – Top 5 shopping places in Bengaluru you do not want to miss!

Including SEO for your website may look daunting with so many technical aspects, but it is worth all the effort.

2.Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential part of content strategy. Finding the best keywords in your niche market is an effective SEO strategy. Make a list of short and long-tail keywords relevant to your niche and products/services that your business provides. Your keywords must reflect your customers’ needs and your business goals. To ensure that your website appears in relevant web search, remember to search for keywords that have

⦁ High search volume and 

⦁ Low competition 

Focus on long-tail keywords with low competition, especially if your website is relatively new. 

3.Content optimization

Make use of the keywords to create content that is relevant to your customers. Good content is the one that provides a great user experience. Be it the landing page, FAQs, blogs, website content, or email newsletters. Everything must be customer-centric. However, do not go overboard with your content and avoid keyword stuffing. Having quality content is vital to your website so ensure that your content is engaging and informative so that the users who read them deem it worthy of sharing!

4.Internal linking

The strength of your website is not solely dependent on having backlinks from other websites, but it is also affected by internal linking. Ensure you keep your eye open when creating content so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to create internal links. It is not just helpful for the SEO of your website, but it also provides a good user experience and makes the user stay longer on the website resulting in a lesser bounce rate.

5.Content Marketing

Marketing the content is one of the effective ways to promote your website. Content marketing makes your target audience take notice of your website. There are many ways to do it – guest blogging, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, reviews. 

  • Guest blogging – This a great way to generate backlinks to your website and also reach a wider audience
  • Advertise on social media – Make use of social media channels. Choose platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, and others to know about the audience and promoting your website.
  • Paid marketing – Sometimes, relying just on organic marketing is not enough. You must make use of PPC (Pay-Per-Click), CPM (Cost-Per-Mile), sponsored posts, mobile ads, video ads, promoted listings, etc.
  • Email marketing – This is one way to promote content to retain your existing users. Studies have shown that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you receive $42 on average. So, unleash your creativity by creating those personalized killer subject lines that evoke curiosity in your users. 
  • Reviews – Having online reviews will have a significant impact on your customers. Studies reveal that online reviews influence the decision of over 93% of total users. But take care to have more positive reviews than negative ones. 

How to promote Promoting website: In a nutshell

To conclude, promoting your website is easy with the help of SEO. So, get going! Create content, optimize it using SEO, and promote your website content across the right platforms and channels to grow your business. You will need to stay focused to achieve your goal, maintain a schedule, experiment with content marketing strategies to see what works, and never hesitate to seek help from professional SEO experts. Also, keep track of the website performance to improve. 

If all these seem like a giant task, hire top SEO freelancers from 24 Task for promoting your website and reaching new heights. 

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