The 5-fold Content Marketing Plan to Attract More Visitors

The 5-Fold Content Marketing Plan To Attract More Visitors
Written by Kunal Vaghasiya
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With the advancement in technology and easy internet access, content marketing has become the new way for businesses to create and distribute information to attract more customers and retain clients. Content marketing brings more people your way hence spends less time looking for clients.

Several companies are now spending much on content marketing. It is because it provides answers to your client’s questions through social media, search engines, and other platforms. Having a good content marketing strategy drives more people your way. It enhances trust and brand affinity. 

Customers will always want to be in control of their shopping experience. Ensure that you are genuine since customers will sense when you are trying so hard to sell. Ensure that you create a good bond with your clients by educating them through sharing videos and tutorials.

Why Content Marketing

There are several criteria that businesses, especially start-ups, can apply to expand their business. The most common strategies are 5-fold marketing strategies. They are widely used by the most successful company to maintain its customer base and improve its quality.

Firms require a 5-fold content plan for their business to work. One should fully understand their audience and put time and finances to run a good marketing plan. There are several ways with which you can enhance your business.

Below is the main 5-fold marketing plan that all businesses should adopt to ensure their success. all entrepreneurs should employ these strategies to see their success.

  1. Brief Video Content

Creating a short video for your brand is an ideal content marketing strategy. Attaching them on the company’s website or social media pages is easy. It can get numerous shares, making it visible to a wide range of viewers.

The short videos contain a lot of information concerning your brand. They are very popular and easy to watch. Avoid creating long videos that may become boring to the viewers before viewing the whole of it. Focus only on the vital aspects of the products. You can create short videos for each product to avoid long videos mentioning all your products.

Remember, videos speak more compared to blog posts or photographs. Therefore, make them entertaining with attractive visual effects to create the interest of viewers to keep watching.

  1. Search Engine Optimized Posts on Blogs

Blog posts are web pages that attract potential clients to know more about your brand. They provide answers to obvious questions that are asked by clients. They also give updates concerning new products. Blog posts are also ideal for building SEO rank. Most people search for products using keywords, so ensure you have them in your article to appear first on every search engine.

Your blog post should also provide an external link to your website. Break the article into several short paragraphs with subtitles making it easy to read. The subtitles should have the main keywords that most people search for. Use simple language that is easy to understand since people from worldwide will see the posts.

  1. Social Network Posts

Social media posts are among the most straightforward content marketing strategies to use if you want to attract more visitors. It enables you to engage with your clients, add leads quickly, and enhance your product awareness.

Social media is free, and you can use it to distribute other content marketing strategies such as short films, blog posts, and infographics. Through social media, they can get as many shares as possible hence reaching several people.

Hire social media freelancers to generate a social media marketing strategy that targets the right audience. Avoid hardcore advertisement through social media. Social media is useful for creating product awareness.

  1. Customized Emails

Emails are the most common channel for passing information. People receive essential communication through this channel. Such data types include water bills, school updates on children’s school progress, doctor’s appointments, and other information.

As an entrepreneur, find a way in which you can fix yourself into their email inbox. This strategy will help you get noticed. Do this by segmenting your email list and create personalized emails targeting the different potential clients. It creates a feeling of care among your clients, creating interest in your brand.

  1. Free Online Resources

Attach free online downloads on your emails, blog posts, and social media pages, providing information concerning your products. They can be in the form of a checklist, question and answer template, or PDF document.

They are a cheaper option for brand awareness and ideal for adding it to your promotion strategy. They assist in establishing product authority and having a wide area of reach.

Benefits of the 5-fold marketing strategy

  • Enhance Authority

Establishing your brand authority helps enhance trust among your clients. Most people will trust your products only if you answer their questions quickly and correctly.

  • Provides Value Without Actually Selling

The first step to attract customers to buy your products is by engaging them without selling.  Make it look like a service you are offering. It gives you an added advantage by making your products top of the list.

Frequently providing content to your clients will make them visit your page often, even if they purchase your products.

  • Increases SEO Rankings

Publishing high-value contents help to build brand authority. Creating blogposts frequently helps to keep you at the top of the search engine index. Using the right keywords helps build more inbound traffic. Content marketing can help accomplish several things. It enables you to enhance trust with your clients, hoping that they will express interest in your products, which puts you ahead of other companies offering similar products.

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