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The Most In-Demand Programming Languages for 2021

in demand programming language
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Gone are the days when significantly fewer people were known as computer programmers with avant-garde coding skills. But now, several IT jobs need a firm grasp of the in-demand programming language. 

Think about which one to go for if you wish to work as a freelance developer or change your career path and get hands-on experience in the programming language. After all, it takes enormous time and money to excel in any language, thus ensuring the apt choice.  

There are multiple things that you require to take into consideration while making your decision. These matters may include the complication level you are ready to get into, valid reasons for gaining expertise in the trending programming language, and many more. 

Whether you wish to get involved in developing a mobile application, work as a freelance developer, or earn certification for in-demand programming knowledge, you must understand the apt programming language. This article will discuss the top programming languages to learn that are in great demand in 2021. 

Let us have a look.

Top In-Demand Programming Language


JavaScript is the most popular coding language used across the globe. The reason is simple: most web browsers use it since it is quick to learn. It does not require you to possess coding knowledge from before. Once you begin learning the language, you can play and practice it the way you want. 

As per Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2020, JavaScript turns out to be the most used language utilized to handle the behavior of web pages. The coders can design practical web elements like interactive maps, animated graphics, and many more. Programmers who have the expertise of using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript tend to get a greater level of website control and offer a better user experience in terms of readability and navigation. 

Though JavaScript is majorly a front-end language run on various browsers, it can be utilized on the server-side via Node.js to create scalable network applications. Node.js is compatible with SunOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. 

As JavaScript has a flexible syntax and works with all the primary browsers, it is among the friendliest programming languages for newcomers.


Another trending programming language is Python that is great in demand and is more straightforward for newcomers to grasp because of its readability. It is an open-source programming language with substantial support modules, hassle-free integration with web services, GUI-based desktop applications, and user-friendly data structures. Moreover, it is among the most popular programming languages to learn for deep learning applications and machine learning.

Python is a widely used language for creating 2D imaging and 3D animation packagings, such as Inkscape, Blender, and Autodesk. It is Python used for developing famous video games like Vegas Trike, Toontown, and Civilization IV. 

Like Java, Python also comes with various applications, making it a handy and robust option while selecting the top programming language for your usage. For instance, if your interest lies in back-end web development, the open-source Django framework written in Python is beneficial to learn. This language has been used to develop some top-rated sites, namely Instagram, Spotify, and Mozilla. 


The popularity of C/C++ is unstoppable. This in-demand programming language is more like old rum as its popularity is growing with time. In 2021, gaining knowledge of C/C++ is essential for your career and makes it simpler to gain expertise in several other programming languages. 

If we specifically talk about the C language, the wide use of this programming language to develop low-level systems such as kernel development, operating systems, and many others makes it known to programmers. Also, various other programming languages acquire the properties of this specific language.

Similarly, C++ is an object-oriented in-demand programming language broadly used in GUI and Desktop applications, Game Development and Competitive Programming, and various other fields.

This trending programming language covers a significant portion of the tech world and presently finds the top spot on several indexes. Various top tech companies are willing to hire C/C++ full-time developers or freelance developers who can work on their projects. 24 Task can help you collaborate with the top C/C++ freelance developers within your budget and have the expertise to accomplish your task. 

4.R Language

R language has witnessed an immense rise in its ranking on several renowned indexes for programming languages. If we specifically see the TIOBE ranking, it has come down to 9th position from 16th position in less than a year. Different top tech companies such as Uber, Facebook, Google, etc., are utilizing this language in their business. 

With the ever-growing demand for data science and machine learning trends, gaining expertise in the R programming language is worthwhile for your future endeavors. 

R language is again an open-source programming language broadly used in Machine Learning, Data Science, Statistical Analysis, etc. It offers you a comprehensive set of frameworks and libraries. 

The language is apt for Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. Also, it is easy to integrate with various data processing technologies such as Spark and Hadoop. Some other popular features of this specific language include cross-platform compatibility, graphical capabilities, distributed computing, and many more, making it a preferred language among the coders.


If you know about Java – a traditional programming language, you must check out its advanced cousin, Scala. This language is another in-demand programming language that blends the top features of Java with an avant-garde twist.

Being one of the most trending programming languages, Scala helps engineers enhance the quality of codes to feature pure math. It enables concurrent programming, allowing complicated steps to be performed parallelly. Moreover, it is a powerful typed language. Engineers can design and personalize their own data types and have peace of mind knowing every bug swath is impractical at runtime. 

Over To You

When deciding which programming languages to learn, it is essential not to get carried away with alluring trends and popularity contests. The most in-demand programming language to know in 2021 is similar to those prevalent in 2018 or 2019 and will continue to be the same for the coming years. 

Though computer programming is changing rapidly, the programming language that we have discussed above is not going anywhere soon. By gaining knowledge in one or more of these languages, you’ll be in an ultimate position and enhance your career.

When starting your journey into coding, ensure to select the programming language based on your interests and the type of software development you wish to enter.

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