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Effective Tips on How to get a web design project as a freelancer

finding web development project as a freelancer
Written by Mallikarjuna
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If you are working as a freelance web designer, you must be knowing how tough it is to get clients for a web design project.

“Where do I look for a freelance web design project?”

“What steps should I take to get qualified leads?”

“What should I charge for a website design project?”

Such questions might be coming across your mind now and then. Because the matter of the fact is that no matter how enthusiastic you are about the work you do, everyone needs financial stability as it validates your decision to be your boss.

But to remain in an excellent financial condition, you need to have clients.

In this blog, we will discuss various tips that will help you grab the clients’ attention and grow your freelancing web designing services.

But before moving ahead, let’s first discuss the term “client.” Many freelancers aim to “get clients,” but your aim should be to get the “right clients.”

You must be wondering how that matters and what do we mean by saying “right clients.”

Well, to be precise, clients who love to help and give recognition to your hard work and pay you efficiently.

No one prefers working with such clients who don’t respect your work, have unnecessary demands, and treats you like a puppet. But the sad truth is many freelance designers get to deal with such clients.

So, what should you be doing to bring a change? You need to market your services in the right way to grab the eyeballs of the right clients.

Before you move ahead on how to get a web design project, make sure you know the vital website design practices to get leads.

Now, let’s get started with the list of top tips to get a freelance web design project.

How to get your web design project as a freelancer?

  1. Leverage Social Networking Platforms:

Let’s admit it! Social media is a place where a maximum of us spend a great time. The platform is the best place to connect with people looking for freelance web designers to design their websites.

Most web designers spend huge time interacting, sharing project samples, or posting freelance web design projects on social channels to hire the best talents.

However, among all the social channels, Facebook is highly popular due to various business groups which focus on industries and specified locations. You can easily find clients related to your niche in the niche-specific groups and get the website design project.

Also, you can use Instagram for your benefit. Create reels showcasing your working process and giving visual samples of your work.

  1. Ask for Referrals to Build Trust

Don’t forget that word of mouth still holds the same value as before for getting employment.

For instance, if you want to get the fixtures fixed at your home, will you hire someone you heard of, or will you call someone you have never heard of? The answer is obvious. You can imply the same logic for your business.

The foremost thing that any client looks like a freelance web designer is a trustworthiness. They need assurance that they will get the best output and on time.

If your client is happy with your work, do not hesitate to ask for a referral which you can boast in front of new people to gain trust and grow your clientele base.

  1. Mark your Presence on Freelancer Websites

The freelance marketplaces such as 24 Task, have changed the entire landscape for freelance web designers. Almost 73% of freelancers these days are searching for freelance projects on these marketplaces.

In recent years, these freelancing platforms have become a go-to-option for freelancers and businesses looking for freelance web design projects and hiring perfect freelancers.

In case you want to gain experience on various projects and increase your monthly revenue, you might prefer registering on freelance websites.

These platforms enlist various website design projects and enable freelancers to quote their prices on them.

Similarly, web designers can create their impressive profile and quote their hourly prices. Based on their price, potential clients can approach them for their projects.

  1. Create a Captivating Website

It is crucial to have your website showcase your skills without thinking twice, mostly working as a freelancer.

If any client shows interest in your work, the first thing they would do is visit your website to know more about you and your work. And, undoubtedly, you would not want to lose this golden opportunity.

No one would prefer that their prospective client keep searching them on Google and then select another web designer.

To avoid such a scenario, it’s essential to invest significant time and effort into designing your website and doing proper SEO.

  1. Targeted Outreach

Don’t worry; we surely know that sending cold emails would be the last thing you prefer. Though it may appear like a challenging mission, there’s a valid point it still works (when done correctly).

Nobody is asking you to send an innumerable number of emails or work as a marketer and look for clients.

Here we will discuss how you can do outreach, and it all begins with intelligent audience targeting.

  • Explore the websites of people following you on social platforms or whom you met in any networking events.
  • Study their websites to see what can be improved. Don’t say anything negative about their website but help them understand how you can work on it to improve their conversion rates. Give them an example of a similar website that you have worked for before.
  • After shortlisting, reach out to the contacts via personalized emails, making them feel that you have taken time to study about their business.

Final Points

By now, you must be knowing what you should be doing to find new freelance web design projects. Though the competition is getting tough with each passing day for designers, several resources make it simpler to meet the right clients.

However, it’s advisable to start with easy projects in the initial phase and gradually take up advanced website design projects.

Every design project you work on leads the way to the next project. But this does not mean that you take up all the projects coming your way.

Be careful while selecting your clients and work with those who respect your work.

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