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How to choose your Web Development Niche as a Freelancer

web development niche for freelancer
Written by Mallikarjuna
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Whether you are a web developer, brand, or web designer, it’s vital your client appreciates our work and considers you sincere. You should be able to prove to them your worth.

However, in this competitive market, it becomes extremely tough to differentiate yourself from others.

You cannot become an industry expert from being just an intermediary within a night.

This leads us to whether you should niche or not when planning to work as a freelance web developer?

Let me clear up here that I am not saying you must fix your web development niche before offering services to excel in freelancing.

I am just saying that niches for web developers increase the chances of reaching out to the right people and working on exciting projects.

Let’s read this short story to get the basic gist of working in niches for the developer.

The older man and the hammer:

One day, a vast engine stopped working in some factory. No experts were able to identify the problem and repair the machine. This thing left the owner highly disappointed.

Finally, the owner came to know about an older man repairing engines for many years.

The older man came with a bag full of tools and went to his work. He examined the engine for some time and pulled out a hammer from his bag. He tapped something on the machine, and the engine was back to life.

After a week, the factory owner got a statement from the aged man demanding $1000 for his work. Left dumbfounded, they requested the man to share an itemized bill.

The aged shared a bill that stated:

  • Usage of hammer: $1.00
  • Identifying the right spot to tap: $999.00

Working for years in that field, he had that expertise, and thus he had the full right to charge for his service.

We learn from this story that the matter of niching down is positively associated with talent and why they are better positioned to charge more for their services.

Now, let’s move ahead and understand.

Why It is Important to Decide Niches for Web Developer

Trust me; it will make your life sorted and earn more revenue even if you work as a freelance web developer.

However, you must be thinking about why it’s essential to have niches for the developer.

You might have come across a famous phrase: “Jack of all trades master of none.” Well, you may feel that you can excel in every field.


However, many folks do not feel the same. When I say to finalize your web development niche, I don’t mean that you should not learn about other fields or offer services to other clients requesting other web development services. It’s just that gaining expertise in one sector helps you win over customers.

This is because specialists are more reliable. They are valued more. You require to work on those things which general web developers can’t. You will be in demand because of your expertise.  

Let’s rewind the story that we discussed above.

Was it possible for the older man to identify where to tap in just minutes if he would have invested his time in repairing different machinery in his life?

If he had been like other mechanics involved in repairing different engines, he would not help the engine’s owner like others.

So, whenever you hear someone specify your ‘web development niche,’ we are discussing specialization. We mean to say that become a specialist.

Hopefully, you are clear why niches for the developer are essential. Now, a sneak peeks into how to select niches for a web developer.

How to Determine Your Web Development Niche

Look for a niche based on your talent, interest, and expertise. Ensure to finalize the one you don’t just love doing and make money.

Read below to know how to select niches for web developer:

  1. Consider Your Previous Projects

One of the most prominent ways to select niches for the developer is to examine the projects they have worked on before. Even if you have worked on multiple projects and there are no visible patterns, it can still help you narrow down your choices.

Analyze which project you enjoyed working on the most of the memorable one and examine if you would prefer working on similar projects.

Apart from this, you can also take into consideration the projects that helped you earn more revenue. Though money should not be the only factor while selecting your niche, it somehow enables you to understand that some are willing to pay more for certain services.   

  1. Do a Thorough Research on Industry:

Though it must be exciting to start promoting your business to reputed clients directly, the best thing is to do thorough research.

Websites of the same industry comprise common elements. Thus, if you have experience in them, it will help you grab colossal attention.

However, for beginners, it’s a matter of positioning themselves as a reliable resource. You won’t like disappointing your clients who want to create an e-commerce website, and you tell them that you have no expertise in creating the cart system.

Thus, it’s crucial to know the standards of web development of the niche you are selecting.

  1. Analyze the Latest Web Development Trends

The latest trends can be helpful while deciding niches as a developer. For instance, you can reach out to start-ups or well-established organizations that are willing to invest in new technologies.

Moreover, the latest updates can also help you determine the areas that are going in profit. Like, 2020 witnessed a massive increase in web accessibility.

Staying abreast with the industry news helps you in many ways. It increases your reliability and enables you to develop a site that your clients want.

Over To You

Every freelance developer does not agree with the thought of working in a particular niche. Having niches as a web developer, you might not like returning clients who do not fall under your niche. However, you must keep in mind that large businesses have more resources to meet various clients’ needs, but you are not freelancers.

Analyze your time spent collecting information and working on the client’s project who does not come under your niche. Just imagine the time you could have saved if you could use your earlier projects’ data and experience.

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