An Insight into the Constraints faced by Women Entrepreneurs

women Entrepreneurs challenges
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Starting a new venture is never a cakewalk. And when it’s entrepreneurship for women, it gets even more challenging in comparison to men.

Though there has been an immense rise in female entrepreneurship in different sectors, the truth is women entrepreneurs are still significantly less. They have to sweat day and night to prove their worth and excel in the male-dominated society.

However, today women are coming out fierce and leaving no stone unturned to mark their presence in every sector, from marketing to technology and cooking to the theatre. They have long struggled to reach a position where they are today.

A rising trend can be witnessed in entrepreneurship for women as women-led companies are gaining immense popularity. With famous personalities like Shradha Sharma (Founder, YourStory), Sabina Chopra (Founder,, Nita Ambani (Founder, Reliance Foundation), a new era for women has started.

But as we all know, things seem glittery from far and are far away from reality. Both personal and professional challenges are pulling back women entrepreneurs even though they possess the required resilience, skills, dedication, and expertise for business and enter the market as female entrepreneurs. They are set back by gender discrimination, society patriarchal, and norms in which they work.

This article will discuss some of the significant challenges that women face in society. Let’s have a look.

Key Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face

  1. Financial Crunch: 

The fund is to a business what water is to the river and is essential for any mid-level or large-scale companies. Sad but true, women struggle in this area as they do not have any means to earn additional funds, rights on the family property and get almost no support either mentally or financially from their loved ones.

Apart from this, women also face problems raising funds from external parties as they are low risk-takers and thus lack to gain success in their endeavor.

  1. Patriarchal Social Discrimination:

At times, you may feel that female entrepreneurship does not appreciate their work and ethics in front of men. Well, this is the hard reality.

The major challenge any woman faces in this harsh society is the supremacy of men. They must witness harassment or gender-based differences, which turns out to be a significant barrier on their path to success. Thus, there’s no doubt that biased society’s presence is the biggest objection faced by entrepreneurs. 

  1. Minimal Approach to Training and Pedagogy

There is no denying that women get minimal access to gain proficiency in business activities, figure out finances, handle accounts, and even understand the organization’s regular activities.

Due to a lack of basic knowledge, women are unaware of what’s happening around them, especially when it comes to gaining knowledge about the markets, technological advancements, and business expertise.

Hence, lack of pedagogy and sufficient exposure is also among the significant hindrance for female entrepreneurship. 

  1. The balance between family and work-Life

Generally, it is observed that the women who are required to take complete responsibility for their family and man play a supporting role. Especially if a woman is married, she needs to maintain a balance between family and business.

Busy with so many things in life, she hardly gets any time or energy to devote to her business. Moreover, it’s important to seek permission and get support from family members before starting any venture.

  1. Minimal Access to Markets and Networking:

Entrepreneurship for women can be successful only if they have the required expertise, contacts, proficiency, and practice. Numerous women are left with no other option than to work on a small scale mainly because of mobility restraints and struggle to become a member of top organizations or connect with renowned people.

Moreover, you will come across various male colleagues at such places, and sometimes, they do not entertain women colleagues. Thus, it becomes tough for women to get in touch with higher authorities in the markets.

Also, most networking activities are conducted after working hours, making it hard for women to attend due to family involvement.

  1. Fear to Lose:

Whether you are a man or woman, accepting failure is challenging and can even bring the worst of you. It is scary for anyone with great dreams due to the problems associated with it.

The lack of self-confidence and insecurity stops the women from dreaming big and living their basic life when they should dare to come out and make things happen. Failure is a kind of life lesson in business, relationships, or life in general.

  1. Intense Face-off with Male Counterparts:

No matter who you belong to, which gender, you will have to face competition in every field. We all know that there are more males in any business. As a result, women entrepreneurs do not deserve that space and respect in managerial roles.

When talking about the workspace, men are often in a superior position than women. The same logic also states that women are good at handling family and kids.

Though this approach is changing, women work hard to outshine themselves in their workplace and begin their venture. However, they need to overcome specific barriers that include:

  • They need to prove themselves now and then.
  • Make the customers believe every time that they can handle a business.
  • Getting that respect which they deserve at their workplace.
  1. Refrain from Corporate Success

No matter women owe the ability to become an entrepreneur; their worries do not end there. They have to face negative thoughts set in the mindset of the people. They still think that men only deserve the leadership roles within a company.

There are times when women land up when they come across people who are not prepared to get supervised by the top-positioned women.

In a Nutshell

We all love having a conversation with and about women entrepreneurs as they are the perfect picture of a “story of happy beginnings.”

The impressive part is that there is a significant rise in female entrepreneurship, which has grabbed huge attention.

However, certain data shows how women are facing problems in launching their businesses. Some of those barriers, like lack of access to management experience, male chauvinistic society, and many more, have made things even more complicated than it appears.   

The above-discussed challenges play a significant role in discouraging entrepreneurship for women. Thus, they cannot give their best and come up with outstanding products, wealth, jobs, etc., for anyone.  

Hence, we must analyze the challenges and come up with ways to overcome or eliminate them. Happy reading!

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