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Must-Have WordPress Skills for Aspiring WordPress Developers

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Since its inception, WordPress has been ruling the web. It now accounts for 33% of total websites on the internet and more than 60% of CMS (Content Management System) market share. WordPress has extended its reach to ERP solutions, eCommerce solutions, and website analytics solutions with numerous plugins and themes, which adds to its versatility. This steady evolution has made it a popular choice for bloggers and developers alike. The growing reputation of WordPress has made numerous people venture into learning WordPress developer skills. 

Congrats if you are one among them because having WordPress skills in your resume will add more weight to your technical skills. However, let us first see why one should learn WordPress and what makes it a popular choice.

Why Should You Learn WordPress?

  • Low cost

Since the license of WordPress is free, anyone can use it. The purchasing cost of the domain name and the hosting server to store the website is cheap owing to the popularity of WordPress. 

  • No coding

WordPress is easy to learn as it does not require knowledge of programming languages. Creating websites is easy and fun with WordPress.

  • Numerous plugins

With the availability of more than 50,000 plugins, you can add functionality and numerous features to the website smoothly. If you love web designing, then you must check out the WordPress themes. What’s more? Most of the WordPress plugins and themes are available for free.

  • User-friendly 

With a user-friendly interface and great functionality, it is simple to edit and customize the website.

  • Flexible

Even if you start with a simple theme, the build of WordPress is adjustable to accommodate more functionality and operation as the requirements grow.

  • Community support

WordPress boasts an active community with millions of users who regularly release updates and fix bugs to add more security layers.

Since the market for WordPress is growing exponentially, the demand for WordPress developer skills is bound to increase among aspiring web developers. Whether you want to work on WordPress web design or WordPress web development, you can do so with ease and become a WordPress expert with time.

You may be wondering how to become a WordPress developer, what skills you must master, and learn WordPress website development.

So let’s get started with the necessary WordPress developer skills required to land a job or use it as a side hustle to earn a side income.

Vital WordPress Developer Skills

  1. Technical Competence

As a WordPress developer, you will need to have core knowledge of some tools and languages (non-programming languages) to help you use and work with WordPress. Technical skills build the foundation for everything you want to master. 

  1. HTML & CSS

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a standard markup language for web pages, and learning it will allow you to play around with webpage elements. Since HTML is the backbone of any website, knowing it proves helpful. At the same time, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a mandatory skill to become an expert WordPress developer. It controls how all the web pages and design elements appear on the website. It may take some 20-30 days to learn HTML and another 25 days to learn CSS. And it is not difficult as there are plenty of resources available online.

  1. PHP

It is the most preferred server-side scripting language. More than 75% of the websites use PHP, which makes an excellent choice for WordPress. Knowledge in PHP is an essential WordPress Developer skill as PHP manages the content and communicates with the database while also controlling plugins and third-party integrations. With the help of PHP, you can enable fundamental features on your client’s website and easily select and apply any theme.

  1. JavaScript

Again, JavaScript is a popular choice as a client-side scripting language. It helps make a plugin or a theme interactive. In addition to JavaScript, it is also good to know some JS libraries and frameworks like Angular and Vue.JS. Learning JavaScript and its libraries/frameworks can take up to 3 months each.

  1. Bootstrap & MySQL

Bootstrap is an essential framework that aspiring WordPress developers must learn. It is a framework that includes common HTML elements – Navigation Bar, Carousel, Breadcrumbs, Forms, Progress Bar, Modals, Accordions, and others. Though these components can be copy-pasted from documentation, understanding how to customize them can help the clients’ requirements. Another alternative to bootstrap is w3.css. Additionally, learning a bit of MySQL can help, mainly if you are working on the website’s back end.

  1. Photoshop

Basic knowledge of photoshop is a must-have WordPress Developer skill if you want to design a web page or a theme on WordPress. Since the designing process may require you to convert PSD files to HTML, you must know the usage of Photoshop tools like – Move. Auto-select, Layer, and Trim.

  1. Command Line Tools

Creating an effective workflow is one of the most critical skills for WordPress developers. The command-line tool for WordPress is WP-CLI which helps update plugins, configure multisite installations and other operations without the use of a web browser. You can run WordPress commands from the console since it does not require login to WordPress or opening Filezilla to dig through folders.

  1. Marketing

Having basic marketing skills is a must, especially if you are working as a freelance WordPress developer. As a freelancer, you may be working on theme development, designing themes/plugins for sale. Therefore being a good marketer and a good developer can assist you in creating a good market for your products. It is an asset to cultivate.

  1. Planning

WordPress developers are of an artistic temperament and tend to be chaotic in approach. However, working with clients requires solid planning skills. Setting goals (both big and small) and breaking down tasks, setting priorities,, and deadlines cannot happen without meticulous planning. 

  1. Business mindset

Market trends and industry requirements are essential for a WordPress developer. The website you develop must adhere to the trends and standards of the current market. If there is no demand, then even a great product is of no use. With a growth hacking mindset and business knowledge, you can efficiently address your client’s requirements and problems. 

  1. Learning skills

The tech world is evolving each day, and you must stay up to date with the latest WordPress developer skills concerning technology, design, and security. Being an eternal learner can lead you towards a bright future. 

To Wrap it Up

Stay hungry in your learning and grow with it. WordPress is here to stay and evolve, and if you want to use it to make a living, make sure you master everything related to it. Apart from the skills mentioned above, try to be customer-friendly, learn Search Engine optimization as it helps in ranking the website. Above all, love what you do. 

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